Help us grow!

We're fired up!

We've just endorsedgreat candidates who will go to the State Senate and Assembly with an Animal Friendly agenda.

Why's that worth celebrating? Because when we help candidates get elected, they go to bat for animals:
  • The first candidate we endorsed in 2002, State Senator Liz Krueger, introduced ground-breaking legislation for farm animals after our work with her and voted to pass six other bills that will improve New York City animals' lives.

  • The second candidate we endorsed in 2003, City Councilwoman Gale Brewer, stood on the steps of City Hall and spoke out for the rights of tenants to keep pets in their apartments.
We'll soon have new Animal Friendly lawmakers carrying our message to the state legislature. With your help, we can double or triple the number of candidates we endorse in the 2005 elections, when we'll be electing City Council members and the mayor.

And with your help, we can work with our candidates to pass the legislation we've asked them to support - by making phone calls, writing letters, leafleting, lobbying legislators, researching issues and legislation on the web, stuffing envelopes, even blowing up balloons! Things you can do at home. Things that will take you out with other animal advocates. We'll find work that matches your interests, your talents and your time.

There's a lot of work to be done, but if we spread it out among the ever-growing number of animal advocates in the city, everyone will do a little; no one will do too much.

Give us a little of your time; the impact will be enormous. You'll find the work you do compelling, your colleagues interesting, and you'll have the satisfaction of puttingon laws concerning animals.

Interested? Email Us your name and phone number.

We're a local organization dedicated to city issues. Give us a little of your time. The impact will be enormous.

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