Animal Friendly NYC is a political action committee that endorses and works directly on campaigns of candidates who support legislation that will benefit our non-human friends.

Public sentiment about the place and treatment of animals in American society has changed enormously in the last 25 years. Now laws need to catch up with the public's growing commitment to the well being of animals.

Unfortunately, though dozens of bills designed to protect animals are introduced every year in the New York State Legislature and New York City Council, very few are passed into law because too few legislators go into office with an Animal Friendly agenda.

We need to start sending legislators already committed to animal issues to public office.

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It's that simple. You can make a big difference in the quality of animals' lives by casting your vote for candidates who reflect your own concerns.

Legislation and other initiatives to improve the lives of animals in New York City:

State Bill Will Create Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Program for NYC
The state has a program that provides low-cost spay and neuter for pets of low-income New Yorkers, but it has never worked well in New York City. This bill, which has already passed the Assembly, will allow the city to set up its own program. Read more.

City-Funded Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Clinics
Low-cost spay and neuter clinics for pets of low-income New Yorkers are the most cost effective and humane means of ending our chronic pet overpopulation problem. Read more.

NYC Pets-in-Housing Bill
New Yorkers with companion animals are vulnerable to eviction, whether they're in apartments, coops or condos. Two bills that would restore the rights given to pet owners in a 1983 law are being blocked by the real estate industry. Read more.

Housing for Senior Citizens with Pets
Senior citizens often have fewer resources and fewer options when looking for housing. No-pet clauses in apartment leases hit them especially hard. Read more.

Fair Insurance for Homeowners with Dogs
Some insurance companies discriminate against homeowners based on the breed of dog they keep. This bill says blanket blackouts aren't fair or necessary. Read more.

Responsible Guardian Initiative
Careless owners abandon thousands of pets every year, creating a crisis of homelessness and needless deaths. Some simple regulations on adoptions can reduce abandonment and ensure happier homes for pets and their companions. Read more.

2009 City Council

Steve Behar

John Choe

Josh Skaller

Past Endorsements
Liz Krueger
   2002 State Senate
Jose M. Serrano
   2004 State Senate
Jonathan Bing
   2004 State Assembly
Liz Krueger
   2004 State Senate
Alexander B. Pete Grannis
   2004 State Assembly
Norman Siegel
   2005 Public Advocate
Darren Bloch
   2005 City Council
Cynthia Doty
   2005 City Council
Dan Quart
   2005 City Council
Fernando Ferrer
   2005 Mayor
Jonathan Bing
   2006 State Assembly
Sylvia Friedman
   2006 State Assembly
Micah Kellner
   2007 State Assembly

You bet.

State Senator Liz Krueger, endorsed by AFNYC in her 2002 re-election campaign, introduced the "downed animal" bill, which would require the humane euthanasia of sick and injured animals at slaughterhouses, after working with AFNYC when back in office.

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