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How Much Does Spay or Neuter Surgery Cost?

If you don't have a cat or dog, the cost of these routine surgeries can seem shockingly high. Like medical care for humans, veterinary care is expensive. Vets are highly educated professionals, and the care of animals is no less complicated than the care of humans.

The surgery for male dogs or cats is fairly simple. The surgery for females is serious abdominal surgery. While the surgery is routine, it doesn't mean that it's simple or fast to perform.

The costs in the table above include the total cost of having an animal spayed or neutered, including fees for exams as well as the surgery itself and required blood tests and vaccinations. The cost of spaying or neutering dogs varies because big dogs require more anesthesia, one of the more expensive costs of surgery.

Unlike medical care for humans, though, veterinary services generally aren't covered by insurance. So it often comes as a shock that something as routine and basic as spaying or neutering is so expensive. Interestingly, the magazine Consumer Reports found that buying health insurance for an animal actually costs more than simply paying on a fee-for-service basis.

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