Darren Bloch

Democratic Candidate for City Council
2nd District - Lower East Side, Alphabet City, East Village, Gramercy, Kips Bay and Murray Hill

From the beginning of his campaign, Darren Bloch has been talking about using the office of City Council Member to make housing more animal friendly, create more open space in his district and improve dog runs.

Darren knows how government works.
  • He's been a financial analyst for the City Council, responsible for figuring out the dollars and cents impact of proposed legislation.
  • He was Chief of Staff of the Nassau County Legislature, overseeing a large staff and a daunting agenda that included property tax reform and budget deficits.
  • He worked with the City Council and the Bloomberg Administration as liaison for ConEd, tackling an array of environmental and safety issues.
He knows what good government can accomplish. And he's ambitious about what he wants city government to do for his district.

"There are the big issues - housing, health care, education, the environment - but the City Council should also be addressing the smaller issues that impact daily life," he says.

In his own neighborhood, he's been talking to the Parks Department to get a much-needed dog run in Stuyvesant Town.

Campaigning around the district, he has talked to hundreds of dog owners. He carries with him an endorsement from his dog, Otis, that comes with organic treats for voters' four-legged companions. He understands pet owners' problems. He fully supports Animal Friendly NYC's drive to make New York City housing more accessible to people with pets.

Darren also supports another issue that Animal Friendly NYC knows is essential to bettering the lives of New York City animals: city-funded low-cost spay and neuter clinics.

"Supporting animal-friendly issues is supporting tenants rights, seniors care and wellness, and responsible pet ownership. These are issues that have long been important to me and are at the center of our campaign to bring a new level of energy and leadership to this district."
- Darren Bloch

The most effective way to end the crisis of homeless dogs and cats is to make low-cost spay and neuter clinics readily available to low-income New Yorkers. Yet, there is not a single low-cost spay and neuter clinic in the entire five boroughs of New York City. Low-cost spay and neuter clinics will not only cost the city less, but they will end the tragedy of having to put down tens of thousands of animals every year.

Darren supports the New Yorkers for Parks' initiative to dedicate 1% of the city's budget to parks and recreation. He won the endorsement of the League of Conservation Voters for his pro-active support of a "comprehensive greening plan throughout our city."

"City parks are as important to our health and well-being as more commonly considered essential city services, and it is time that our city's budget priorities and policies reflected this reality," he says.

He is a member of Community Board 6 and sits on two important committees - the Housing and Homeless Services Committee and the Transportation Committee.

The Grand Street News calls Darren, "a charismatic, bona fide do-gooder with a startling amount of real experience." Animal Friendly NYC couldn't agree more.

With Darren's commitment to companion animals and his comprehensive understanding of our issues, we know he will be a passionate advocate and partner in helping us move the city to accept animals as family members. The 2nd District couldn't ask for a stronger voice for animals and the people who love them.

For more information on Darren, go to www.blochforcouncil.com.

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