Assemblyman Jonathan Bing

Democratic Candidate for State Assembly
73rd Assembly District -- East Side Manhattan

Jonathan Bing was first elected to the Assembly in 2002 and has consistently voted for substantial legislation supporting the protection of animals. He supports two pieces of legislation that AFNYC feels are essential to securing the homes of New Yorkers with pets:
  • Housing for senior citizens with pets.
    A1080 would protect people 62 years or older from being denied housing in, or evicted from, a multiple dwelling on the sole ground that they keep a common companion animal such as a cat or dog.

  • Fair insurance for homeowners with dogs.
    A6761 prohibits insurance companies from discriminating against homeowners with certain breeds of dogs.
In his first two years in office, Assemblyman Bing voted to:
  • Ban canned hunts
  • Protect veterinarians from civil or criminal prosecution for reporting abuse or neglect of animals they treat
  • Require proper outdoor shelter for dogs
  • Allow judges to make determination of who is a dangerous dog based on the individual dog as opposed to its breed
  • Prohibit the sale, barter, transfer, exchange and import of wild animals as pets
  • Prohibit animal fighting and make it a felony to breed, sell, offer for sale or purchase any animal with intent to use that animal for fighting

"Protecting tenants' rights is one of my top priorities, and that includes protecting the rights of tenants who have cats and dogs. As a member of the Assembly Health Committee, I have been proactive in promoting the health of senior citizens in my district, and I know from them personally how much they benefit from the love and companionship of their pets."

- Assemblyman Jonathan Bing

In addition, he is a co-sponsor of bills that would
  • Dedicate funds raised from dog license fees for low-cost spay and neuter programs
  • Update regulations on the sale of pets to include small pets such as hamsters, guinea pigs, turtles, etc.

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