Micah Kellner

Democratic Candidate for State Assembly
65th District - Upper East Side, Yorkville, Roosevelt Island

On June 5, Upper East Siders will elect a new assembly member to fill the seat vacated by longtime Assembly Member Alexander B. Pete Grannis.

Micah Kellner gets our enthusiastic endorsement. Animal Friendly NYC has worked with him for the last year and we know first hand what a talented, committed and compassionate public servant he is.
  • As an aide to City Council Member Inez Dickens, Micah won her support for AFNYC's initiative to open city-funded low-cost spay and neuter clinics for low-income pet owners. (Click here to read the proposal.)
  • When Micah moved to his present job with New York City Comptroller William Thompson, he continued to guide and advise us on building community and legislative support for our Clinic Initiative.
Micah got his on-the-ground training in community service by working in the offices of several elected officials, beginning as an intern in Senator Chuck Schumer's office while a student at New York University.

He has also been on the staff of Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and Assembly Member Jonathan Bing, an Animal Friendly candidate and one of the most active and progressive assembly members on animal issues. (Click here to read his bio.)

What Micah learned in all his jobs was to recognize community problems and then work to bring the necessary elements together to solve them. For example, he has been actively working to renovate the two dog runs in Carl Schurz Park, where his own dog Nina regularly plays.

He demonstrated community support for renovations by circulating a petition among dog run users and then took these petitions to City Council Member Jessica Lappin and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer to persuade them to share the cost of renovations with the park association.

He well knows the importance of companion animals in people's lives and understands the special vulnerability of pet-owning New Yorkers who live in multiple dwellings. While working in Congresswoman Maloney's office, he often fielded calls from desperate East Siders facing eviction because they adopted a new dog.

He pledges to "actively promote" an important assembly bill that would allow people over 62 years old to have cats and dogs in their apartments, coops or condos. He knows the life-enhancing benefits that companion animals bring to their people, especially older New Yorkers, and would like to end discrimination against residents who have pets. (Click here to read about the bill.)

And he supports another assembly bill that would protect the homes of New Yorkers with dogs - a bill that would prohibit insurance companies from discriminating against homeowners based on the breed of dog they keep. (Click here to read about the bill.)

Micah is also committed to educating the public about the role of therapy and working dogs, such as seeing-eye dogs, who assist people with disabilities. He wants the public to understand the crucial role these animals play in the lives of disabled New Yorkers and wants to remove barriers that these dogs sometimes face in getting access to buildings and shops. Micah brings a special understanding to this issue. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy as an infant, he is a member of the Disabilities Network of New York City.

Micah and his girlfriend, Sarah Levy, have two cats, Chilly and Milly, in addition to their dog Nina, and he's unabashed about his commitment to them. "I love my animals. They're a big part of Sarah's and my life. Giving them a great life is something we strive for every day."

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