Senator Liz Krueger

Democratic Candidate for State Senate
26th Senate District -- East Side Manhattan

First endorsed by Animal Friendly NYC in her November 2002 run for re-election, Senator Krueger has quickly amassed an impressive record on animal welfare.

AFNYC worked with Senator Krueger after her re-election, and as a result, in October 2003, she introduced the "downed animal" bill, a bill that would require the humane euthanasia of sick and injured animals at slaughterhouses. She earned Farm Sanctuary's Legislative Friend of Farm Animals Award for her work.

In 2003-2004 she also voted to
  • Ban canned hunting
  • Require veterinarians to report abuse or neglect of animals they treat
  • Require proper shelter for dogs while outdoors
  • Allow judges to make determination of who is a dangerous dog based on the individual dog as opposed to the breed
  • Prohibit the sale, barter, transfer, exchange and import of wild animals as pets
  • Prohibit animal fighting and make it a felony to breed, sell, offer for sale or purchase any animal with intent to use that animal for fighting

This year Senator Krueger has pledged her support for two bills AFNYC feels are essential to securing the homes of New Yorkers with pets.
  • Housing for senior citizens with pets.
    S810 would protect people 62 years or older from being denied housing in, or evicted from, a multiple dwelling on the sole ground that they keep a common companion animal such as a cat or dog.

  • Fair insurance for homeowners with dogs.
    S3888 prohibits insurance companies from discriminating against homeowners with certain breeds of dogs.
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